UNSETTLED: A Documentary Adventure is the story of three young, adventurous, and stubborn women who want to reinstill a sense of adventure in a concrete and technological world. 

Before there were computers and video games that simulate travel and life experience, there was the world. The backcountry, the undiscovered and untamed were the destinations of real people who tested themselves in search of meaning. 

We want that. As film students, we spend most of our time in front of computers: writing, editing, reading. Some days we may not see the sun at all and it makes us restless. Surely, adventure can still be had in the discovered world. In this country’s backyard there is an expanse of land where no towns or cities have settled, where parts of the earth are still deserts and forests and we want to see them. We also, want you to come with us.

The film team, Ashley, Ally, and Kim, will be hiking seven trails between Texas and Washington State and will be inviting other restless souls to come with on three of the trips. If you live in or around one of the metropolises listed below and are interested in seeking out adventure and being in a documentary, follow the link to our blog for application requirements. 

Utah-Cedar Mesa Fish and Owl Canyon Hike Vegas, NV or Esclante, UT area

Hermit-Tanto-Bright Angel Loop Grand Canyon Vegas, NV area

Columbian River Gorge- Trail undetermined as of now. Portland, OR area.

Visit our indiegogo to contribute: UNSETTLED: A Documentary Adventure

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