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be-atpeacenotin-pieces said: I watched your video and I love what you girls are planning to do! I highly recommend that you consider backpacking through Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona. It would be an 8 mile hike to the Havasupai Village plus a 2 mile hike to the campgrounds and Havasu Falls. There are 2 more breathtaking waterfalls that follow just a few miles after the campgrounds. It's an intense hike but definitely worth it! Just a suggestion (:

Thanks for the advice! Sounds amazing. For me personally, one of the major reasons for going on this trip is to see Native American petroglyphs and learn more history of that kind. We’ll definitely look into it :)

A quick workout blog we threw together. We’re silly.

"Can you please reblog that?"

"Can you please reblog that?"


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Anticipated UNSETTLED Schedule


2 days travel

South rim trail High Chisos mountains big bend national park TEXAS 3 days May 15 – 17th

5 hours travel


3 hours travel

SANTA FE 1 day May 20th

6 hours travel

Grand canyon hermit tonto bright angel loop ARIZONA 5 days – vegas May 23rd – May 29th

5 hours

**Fish canyon owl canyon loop cedar mesa grand gulch primitive loop UTAH 4 days – vegas June 1st – June 4th

4 hours

Coyote gulch monument UTAH 5 days —- June 6th – 11th

5 hours

VEGAS 1 day

3 hours

SAN DIEGO 2 days

2 hours

LA 2 days Leave by June 16th

6 hours

**Yosemite grand traverse Yosemite national park CALIFORNIA 8 days if we find a partner, 16 days if we dont —- fresno/san fran area June 18th – July 4th (longest scenario)

4 hours

San Fran 2 days

Portland, Eugene & Corvalis 3 days

1 Hour

Columbia river gorge OREGON 3 days —- portland

4 Hours

**Mt Rainier loop WASHINGTON 6 days —- ashford/Olympia July 13th – July 19th

5 hours


Let us know if you have any tips or tricks, or experiences in these places you’d like to share!